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Romantic Avenue - A Movie Scene Meme

Movies may not have the most realistic romance scenarios, but they make for some good watching. We don't really care. The moments may be over-the-top, but we love them anyway, and now they make perfect Valentine's Day scenarios. Pick your poison...

• RNG to generate a scenario or just pick your favorite
• Reply to one of my characters, or call one out. Decide who's doing what.
• Reply to the thread starter and go from there.
• You do not have to mimic the movie scenes exactly, nor be the same sexes as the movie counterparts. Shaking up the status quo is very much encouraged.
• Any rating goes, but tell me if this gets a little too steamy so we can take this into a more private thread. >B]
• If you decide to copy this meme, please keep the credit ([personal profile] pixle).

1: The Princess Bride
You're from the farm country, in love with another. Because you're both poor, you decide to go seek fortune for both of you but are attacked by a pirate who famously leaves no one alive...

Actually, he had decided to retire and pass on that part to you. You finally return five years later to find out your love is reluctantly being married off to a terrible prince...

As you rescue them, they remain unaware of your true identity until you finally whisper the words "As you wish" the code words you both had for "I love you"...

2: Pretty Woman
You're down on your luck, looking for someone to sweep you off your feet. Luck strikes when a wealthy socialite hires you.Against your better judgement, you've become their escort for their business and social functions pretending to be their significant other...but you start to develop a relationship over the course of your week-long stay with them...

Until they confess to you by overcoming their fear of heights, climbing the fire escape, offering your roses and asking you what happens next...

3: The Wedding Singer
It's the 1980's and you sing at weddings. You're long-time other leaves you at the altar, but you grow a friendship with someone you've promise to sing at their wedding. Eventually, you can't help but fall in love, and then you find out that their fiancé cheats on them and plans to continue afterwards...

So you do the most logical thing. You not only crash their flight, but sing to them a song composed just for the occasion: "I Want to Grow Old With You"...

4: Say Anything
You've both broken up, and it's left you heartbroken. Deep in pain you can't take it anymore and drive your car up to their house, grabbing your ghetto blaster and throwing it over your head.

It keeps playing "In Your Eyes", the song you first made love to and drove you to appreciate each other...

5: Then Things I Hate About You
Man school politics and love, who needs it, you're a real rebel. But due to a strange series of events, you're been paid by a school jock to go out with a someone. While at first you're terrible, you're warming up to them. But you messed up and they aren't talking to you anymore. Dude, you seriously screwed up and you know it.

No problem. Time to pay the school's band and take over the football field's airwaves while they practice their cheerleading, singing them your version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" dodging security guards all the while...

6: An Officer and a Gentleman
You've done it. After many trails in navy training, you've been sworn into the navy. You had someone you liked, but you've never truly told her how you feel.

So up you show to the factory they work at, grab them in your arms, and carry them out of the factory where they've been working...

7: Titanic
You're a poor, third class voyager embarked on the famous ship's maiden voyage. You decide to visit the upper levels one day and meet someone from the upper class.

One thing leads to another, and eventually they ask you to draw them after seeing your sketchbooks. Sure it's purely an artistic thing (or so you tell yourself) but it's obvious you both like each other so who knows where this will go...

8: Ghost
You're both clearly in love. With Unchained Melody playing in the back, you wake up and see the one you love doing pottery.

At first you watch, content to just tease them, but eventually you join in, turning this into something much more romantic...there is a reason most pottery classes have banned reenactments this scene...

9: Coming to America
You're the prince/princess of a faraway country. Your so royal you can't even go to the bathroom on your own, and for your birthday, you've been engaged to be. While they promise to obey your every command, you want someone who can think for themselves, intellectual and who speaks their mind...

So you embark on a trip to America undercover, working for the first time in your life, at a fast food joint, no less. Not quite fitting in, you learn the value of hard work, fall in love with the child of your they too, has been promised to someone they doesn't particularly care for, and slowly falls for you, should you continue that lie about your heritage?

10: The Addams Family
You're hopelessly, perfectly, endlessly in love. They say something in another language and you just go gaga. Handcuffs and overly dramatic ballroom dancing might be involved at one point.

That's pretty much it, it's the best romance, everyone else can get out.
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they are my favorite fictional couple HOW COULD I NOT

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[Rich people, Chidori considered idly, her fingers dark with charcoal as she doodled idly on her napkin, were unbearably dull.

Granted she counted among their number now, with her art taking off the way it had, but still. The old money in this room barely knew what to do with themselves, much less with anyone around them. When Naoya wanders off, she can only hope it's to do something to make this more interesting, and as always, he doesn't disappoint. She wipes her fingers on a spare napkin, and settles her hand gingerly into his as she stands and moves around the table, long hair trailing behind her as she twists sharply at the last moment to settle into his space.

Her expression is as calm as ever, but her eyes are bright and amused, eager to cause a stir.]

Of course.
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ugh I have been so bad at tags this month sob

[personal profile] floreatnoctem 2014-02-25 06:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Cher, don't frighten the poor dears.

[Said so, so sardonically as she reached down to adjust her skirts, bringing the front up and tying them there to give her more room to dance a proper tango.]

Some of this old money can't take those kinds of surprises.
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Eikichi Mishina | Persona 2: Innocent Sin

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[And he can actually draw so you know which option to pick...]
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I kid I kid...

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[So Eikichi is the one getting drawn, right.]
idol_support: And what can they do? Come into my cell and stop me? (☆ Freedom of expression is great!)

orly~? too bad... (。¬◡¬。)

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[PFFT, if he wants a stick figure and/or cutesy but probably not exactly good drawing of himself, SURE]
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^_- okay here we go

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[How did this even work with Eikichi's hair and the styles of the time? Easy enough; wigs. No only a (very terrible) poker player, Eikichi's talents in art was defined by the unusual hairdo and clothing he wore; if Dali could sport that mustache, then Eikichi could sport his hair!

Too bad he wasn't well known. But curiosity had gotten the better of him, and now he was showing the more mundane worldly things to one popular dame from the upper decks. Somehow at one part (he couldn't remember when, really) he had shown her his art book.

And thus here they were. In a small isolated room, a small fear that they might get caught, but that was just part of the fun. Eikichi with his drawing pad, the best charcoal crayons he had and just waiting for her to come in.]

I'm ready when you are!
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...Would you believe that I've never seen Titanic? (Intentionally, by choice. XD)

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[To be honest, Rise was a little nervous about this. She was on her way to America, to start her first international tour, as well as audition for a possible role in a much-anticipated silent film; she really didn't need a scandal darkening her name or doing anything to ruin her rising-star status. But...being around Eikichi had made her feel different, more alive somehow, and more like herself. Or at least, more like a normal teenager and less like a famous singer and stage actress.]

...Sorry...I've actually never done anything like this before. The cameras stop rolling or the stage directions call for a scene-change pretty much the instant things start to get...interesting, and I've been so busy, I never had time for...anyone special.

[Plus, her manager is really controlling... But regardless of everything else, she's game for this. She wants this. So she gives him a half-shy little smile as she lets her jacket slip back off her shoulders and drop to the floor.]

I think the most I've ever taken off on-camera or on-stage was my coat--oh, no, once I took off one of my stockings! Hah! It was all anyone from the papers wanted to ask me about for a month!

[...Right, she should probably stop talking and...start taking off the rest of her clothes...]
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Would you believe I didn't get a notif for this sob...also I sent to see it with all my family

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[It was pretty different than when he did it with...well prostitutes, for lack of a better word. Granted, they did enjoy the fact he wasn't really there do anything but draw them, and it was a well known fact most artists tended to do this, but seeing someone he liked, and who he had an attraction to?

Yeah he was trying to keep this strictly professional. Well...not completely, but you her image. Excuses he was making up on the spot. Just to be sure anything bad would happen for her. He was just a lowly guy, after all, but he had to admit there was also the thrill of the entire thing.]

I-it's okay, [he manages to say once the jacket slips off. Geeze it was a good thing he was holding a giant pad.] Take as long as you need! I mean we d-don't have to go t-that far if you're not comfortable.

[But please be comfortable, his mind rang out.]
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NP! <3 & my thought was just..."Titanic". OH, I WONDER WHAT'S GONNA HAPPEN IN THAT MOVIE X'D

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[It was really nice of him to say that...not that she was surprised. Eikichi had shown that he was a gentleman, regardless of what social class he belonged to, or how many women he'd painted like this.

Rise fumbles a bit as she removes her belt, and her cheeks are decidedly pink, but she still looks up to meet his eyes straight on.]

...No, I...I want to do this. I asked you, so...I won't back down. Just...promise that you'll keep watching me, okay?

[She doesn't break that eye contact as she slowly starts unbuttoning her dress. Having his eyes on her makes her feel shy and uncertain, but at the same time, it also makes her feel bold, beautiful, like she could do anything. So long as he doesn't look away or act ashamed, like they're doing something wrong, she'll be fine.]
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the ship flies off into space

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[His eyes grow as large as dinner plates for a few seconds when she speaks, but before she starts to undress.]

O-okay I promise!...[He can feel the sweat going down from his head. Oh man the pressure is on now. He'll just...casually place his drawing pad over his legs]


[And bit down on his lip before he says anything stupid that he will regret. He's not going to look away when she's this beautiful but it's really, really, really hard to concentrate.]
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[The dress whispers to the floor soon enough, and she steps out of it, then steps out of her shoes as well; she'd chosen to leave off her corset, and had opted for shoes that were easy to take off in place of boots that took forever to lace and unlace, so all that's left now are a lacy chemise and her stockings.

...And when she sees how wide his eyes go, she suddenly can't resist the urge to tease him just a bit.

Giving him a coy little smile, she tugs at the ribbon on the front of the chemise with one hand, and lets her other hand slide down her side to rest on her thigh, at the top of her (currently still hidden beneath the chemise) stockings.]

So...which one should I take off first? ♥
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Also old lady decides to tell a story then throw gem into ocean

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Oh. Oh she's talking to him. Um. Say something brain. Say something loud and clear and showing that you aren't just completely in love with her body and her curves and everything about her.]


[Wow okay, calm down Romeo.]
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Ooh, plot twist!

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[She almost laughs out loud at that, but manages to turn it into a soft chuckle and a mischievous smirk.]

But I can't do both at the same time...unless~ you're saying you wanna help me...?

[She doesn't expect him to agree, and it's fine if he doesn't, and definitely more than fine if he does; either way, his reaction will doubtless be pretty good.]
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Aaaand I never got a notice for this I am so sorry

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[That question makes him go so far into the deep end that he accidentally takes a bite out of his charcoal pen, then chokes it out, couching. All in the span of a few seconds. Gods, he's really bad at this.]


[It's hard to let all of your guard down, but once the shock of it passes, he tries to bury his nervousness into the more public person the others know him for, and manages to grin.]

...only if you want me to.
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No problem! ♥

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[It's a lot harder to stifle a giggle this time--she actually has to hide it behind a hand, but otherwise she keeps a straight face (she really is a great actress, after all).]

I'd love for you to...

[She drags the hand she'd placed on her thigh back up her body, and slowly starts unfastening the top of her chemise; she feels a little silly doing that first part, but Eikichi wasn't laughing, so she must be doing it right.

And now, cue a bit more teasing.]

...but that would probably be too distracting, huh?

[Still, she doesn't want to be a complete tease and she kinda really...*does* want him to "help", shameless as that is, so...]

Maybe I'll leave my stockings on, and you can help me take them off after you're done with the drawing.
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Kei Nanjo | Persona 2: Eternal Punishement

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[Ahahahahha why would you but here you go anyway]
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Shinjiro Aragaki | Persona 3

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Yu Narukami / Souji Seta | Persona 4

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[personal profile] empressive 2014-02-14 09:19 pm (UTC)(link)
((Would situation 9 be okay?))
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((Yes definitely! Who is who?))
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[So Yu is crashing Mi's wedding?]
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[Yes. Who was the lucky person to be?]
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[...after some thought, let's say it's Tanaka. Maybe he wrote into Minato's contract or something.]
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I can't stop laughing I am so sorry

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[There was no way Yu was ever letting a creep like Tanaka tie the knot with Minato after he had had a chance to talk with him. With the help of a few friends, he had managed to score himself a passage to the wedding in question.

The wedding hadn't started, but the doors suddenly swung open, taking everyone by surprise.]

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I have the single worst ideas, also uses icons from alternate account

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[The loud bang from down the aisle got Minato's attention, who looks for lack of a better term, shocked. Tanaka though, just looks mildly annoyed. Nice entrance Yu. Hope you and your friends can protect yourself from his security guards. How will you possibly reach Minato now?]
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[Oh you mean his friends that are flooding the place right now? Word of the wise, Tanaka, social links get you far, especially when you sing at weddings.

It's an all out-brawl. Sorry church people, he didn't mean to for it to get that bad, but if it's a fight he wants.]

Minato! You don't have to do this!
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[Chaos erupts as Yu's friends fight against the bodyguards. Boy, can we ham up this parody even more? Why don't we throw the Kool-Aid Man in there?

Hands clenched, Minato takes advantage of the war going on to slip away from the altar (Tanaka being distracted by the Featherman cosplayer crew), trying to reach where Yu is. Hope you like his wedding outfit. A white tuxedo looks so good with a bridal veil, right?]
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[The Shirogane family is pretty well-off, Naoto going to some society events by expectation is hardly surprising, is it?]
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[The mental image of Naoto hiring Yu is beautiful so yes please. *3*(\]
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Kanji Tatsumi | Persona 4

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Sasha (Charizard) | Pokemon

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Bob Heather Arceus | Pokemon

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Lash | Advance Wars

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Miki Sanada | Persona 3 (AU)

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7 cries

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[So Miki, chance an opportunity to draw him, or do you want one of his awful caricatures?]
Edited 2014-02-15 03:39 (UTC)
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[I am really tempted to go for original Minato art omfg]
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[He has no idea HOW she roped him into drawing her portrait, but he will do his best.

Said best still looks like he wasn't trying, but he is!]
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[How did she get roped into this again? Popular socialite, her family had a lot of money (unlike the original movie because AU land aww yesss). Enough for her to get engage to this guy she didn't particularly like who was older than her and probably only marrying for the titles.

Then came Minato. Sure he was pretty quiet, but he seemed much more down to earth. He made Miki's heart skip a beat or two.

Enough that she pretty much made excuses to see him a little more often than not. She wasn't watched 24/7, after all, and after learning that he had a drawing pad, yet never seeing what was inside, she had insisted that they do a drawing session together. they were. A single room in the lower deck, away from everyone else, a chair propped up against the door.]

S-so...are you okay with this?
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[You know what Minami has always wanted to do? Especially since Miki and her are on a boat?

That's right: Minami is currently standing on the railing at the bow with Miki holding her up to balance her. At the top of her lungs she shouts:]


[What? She saw it in a movie once and wants to give it a try!]
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[Oh gods she better not drop her, that's for sure. But hey, this place is pretty cool to start randomly screaming things.]


[What does Queen of the World have to do with anything tho?]
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[It's okay! She knows Miki would catch her!]


[Oh God, Miki. If you ask that, she is so going to make you sit through the entire movie to get it.]
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Re: hi

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[Don't tell her it's nearly 4 hours long, she'll get bored super fast.]


[She wasn't sure if they were allowed to be here, but hey, this was a pretty great rush, all things considered.]
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Saber | Fate/Stay night

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