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[If he didn't have Nanjo or Mark or Brown, the sassy remark might have gotten a better reaction out of him. But Brown literally goes around saying he's the hero and rating other's fighting prowess. It just gets a smile out of him instead.]

Thanks. You too.

[When he turns back to his own battle. As the Persona disappears behind him, he does a sort of time out sign. The Naga, clearly confused, somehow does as he asks.]

Hey Naga, do you want to join my Personas?

[It stares at him for a few seconds, before nodding. The tail behind him is wagging almost. It looks pretty happy. He smiles back, realizing its working.]

You are an interesting human...

[He steps a little closer. It's a dangerous way to proceed but...]

You'll be a great addition to my team!

[It inches forward as well.]

Very well I'll join, but only if you give me something in return. A life stone, do you have one?

[Ahhh...shit. He reaches into his pockets. Does he? Usually Eriko and Maki bring that type of stuff, but thankfully here's one in his pocket. He holds it up to the towering demon above him.]

Here it is.

My memory is flooding back! I'm a Naga like you said, aren't I? Well here's my spell card, kid, you better make a strong Persona with it!

[It slithers off, and he turns over to Akira to give him a silent thumbs up. You almost done?]

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