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For Persona Heroes

The first thing he remembers was falling into a hole in the Deva Yuga. Had his team followed him? But the next thing Naoya new, he found himself landing on top of someone, before rolling off nearby. His gun and sword tumbled after him and he only saved himself from a rough landing by the warm body he landed on top of.

"Ahhh. Sorry."

At least, he hoped it was a human body. And not a dead one.
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[. . . he knows about the Collective Unconsciousness, but not the Metaverse. huh. there's a pause, and Joker folds his arms over his chest, like he's debating something. how much information does he want to drop on a total stranger?]

[he shakes his head]

The Metaverse is the Collective Unconscious. A world created by human cognition. That's what you see around you.

[tilts his head to the side, a brief, jerky movement to indicate their surroundings]

I don't know how you got here, or where the rest of your team is, but I can give you that much information at least.