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The Winter of Fire

On paper it sounded like a terrible idea. The introduction of a human trainer into the Fire Dojo. Someone who clearly wasn't a fire type, nor a band member specializing in a particular instrument; this was akin to inviting the conductor. Yet it also seemed like the most natural thing after all that had happened and she almost wondered why she hadn't suggested it before. Sasha still remembered when she had been her feelings of fear, hate and personal doubt had clouded her judgement and made her fearful.

Perhaps Red didn't have the exact same feelings, but if anything, Sasha longed to bring back some of that spark in him that she felt had been extinguished by all the recent events. Hell, she still felt some of it herself, but the training here had been good to her. Truth was harsh. Cold. Hard.

But perseverance would prevail, no matter what others might think of them or who they were.

As they passed the city still licking its wounds from the war, the Charizard landed close to the fire dojo gently, stark contrast to when she had first come here more than a year ago, dark and in the rain. As she let her trainer down, Sasha reverted to her humanoid form, standing beside him before leading Red to the front door.

"So Boss, you ready for this? ...They won't go easy on you."
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Joining the Fire Dojo. It had been a suggestion that had turned any thought in the trainer's mind at the time blank. The two very obvious facts, that he was neither a fire type nor a Pokemon, had been enough of a reason to believe that they wouldn't get as far as the front entrance. It was a puzzling moment.

Yet Sasha's earnest selling of the idea was enough to think it over. Admittedly, it wasn't the 'Dojo for Fire Types' part that made Red hesitant. At worst, he would be declined while giving those who ran it a good, good laugh. And while embarrassment was never a thing anybody wanted to go through, the trainer would live, certainly.

... It was fear. Or doubt. Of what, he wasn't quite sure; his head was of a plethora of clouded emotions that still made it hard for him to sleep on most nights. Was it because he was scared of what would happened? That it wouldn't work--not because he wasn't a fire type, but because he couldn't change...?

That after all the pain he had caused, he could no longer be the trainer his team deserved after all?

Red stood on his own two feet, looking at the front of the dojo with a heaviness in his stomach that had formed somewhere before the ride. Sasha's question lingered unanswered in the air for a moment before he gave her, breath drawn and halted in his mouth, a heavy but decided nod.

He still had his stubbornness at least, and he was sick of being stuck in his self-pity. Sick of feeling so worthless. He wanted to change. He needed to.

He would try anything.
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It was hard not to think pain, both in what to expect and the thought of training with Sasha. Training with your pokemon could result in some bruises and scratches (accidents, the environment, and usually other pokemon happened), yet it was hard to imagine for a moment that it would be the same type of training they would do if both inside.

If he got accepted, anyway- was deemed worthy, as Sasha had put it.

Red gave his Charizard one last look (well, for now), and his eyes lingered on the open doorway before he finally took the step into the dojo, through the threshold and to whatever waited for him. The thought of knowing what to expect- maybe it would have been good to be prepared with facts than what his mind would conjure up, but it didn't bother him, Red found. They had faced the unexpected in the past.

Just, no matter what- he would have to try and prove that he was an oddity in their place worth humouring.