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Romantic Avenue - A Movie Scene Meme

Movies may not have the most realistic romance scenarios, but they make for some good watching. We don't really care. The moments may be over-the-top, but we love them anyway, and now they make perfect Valentine's Day scenarios. Pick your poison...

• RNG to generate a scenario or just pick your favorite
• Reply to one of my characters, or call one out. Decide who's doing what.
• Reply to the thread starter and go from there.
• You do not have to mimic the movie scenes exactly, nor be the same sexes as the movie counterparts. Shaking up the status quo is very much encouraged.
• Any rating goes, but tell me if this gets a little too steamy so we can take this into a more private thread. >B]
• If you decide to copy this meme, please keep the credit ([personal profile] pixle).

1: The Princess Bride
You're from the farm country, in love with another. Because you're both poor, you decide to go seek fortune for both of you but are attacked by a pirate who famously leaves no one alive...

Actually, he had decided to retire and pass on that part to you. You finally return five years later to find out your love is reluctantly being married off to a terrible prince...

As you rescue them, they remain unaware of your true identity until you finally whisper the words "As you wish" the code words you both had for "I love you"...

2: Pretty Woman
You're down on your luck, looking for someone to sweep you off your feet. Luck strikes when a wealthy socialite hires you.Against your better judgement, you've become their escort for their business and social functions pretending to be their significant other...but you start to develop a relationship over the course of your week-long stay with them...

Until they confess to you by overcoming their fear of heights, climbing the fire escape, offering your roses and asking you what happens next...

3: The Wedding Singer
It's the 1980's and you sing at weddings. You're long-time other leaves you at the altar, but you grow a friendship with someone you've promise to sing at their wedding. Eventually, you can't help but fall in love, and then you find out that their fiancé cheats on them and plans to continue afterwards...

So you do the most logical thing. You not only crash their flight, but sing to them a song composed just for the occasion: "I Want to Grow Old With You"...

4: Say Anything
You've both broken up, and it's left you heartbroken. Deep in pain you can't take it anymore and drive your car up to their house, grabbing your ghetto blaster and throwing it over your head.

It keeps playing "In Your Eyes", the song you first made love to and drove you to appreciate each other...

5: Then Things I Hate About You
Man school politics and love, who needs it, you're a real rebel. But due to a strange series of events, you're been paid by a school jock to go out with a someone. While at first you're terrible, you're warming up to them. But you messed up and they aren't talking to you anymore. Dude, you seriously screwed up and you know it.

No problem. Time to pay the school's band and take over the football field's airwaves while they practice their cheerleading, singing them your version of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" dodging security guards all the while...

6: An Officer and a Gentleman
You've done it. After many trails in navy training, you've been sworn into the navy. You had someone you liked, but you've never truly told her how you feel.

So up you show to the factory they work at, grab them in your arms, and carry them out of the factory where they've been working...

7: Titanic
You're a poor, third class voyager embarked on the famous ship's maiden voyage. You decide to visit the upper levels one day and meet someone from the upper class.

One thing leads to another, and eventually they ask you to draw them after seeing your sketchbooks. Sure it's purely an artistic thing (or so you tell yourself) but it's obvious you both like each other so who knows where this will go...

8: Ghost
You're both clearly in love. With Unchained Melody playing in the back, you wake up and see the one you love doing pottery.

At first you watch, content to just tease them, but eventually you join in, turning this into something much more romantic...there is a reason most pottery classes have banned reenactments this scene...

9: Coming to America
You're the prince/princess of a faraway country. Your so royal you can't even go to the bathroom on your own, and for your birthday, you've been engaged to be. While they promise to obey your every command, you want someone who can think for themselves, intellectual and who speaks their mind...

So you embark on a trip to America undercover, working for the first time in your life, at a fast food joint, no less. Not quite fitting in, you learn the value of hard work, fall in love with the child of your they too, has been promised to someone they doesn't particularly care for, and slowly falls for you, should you continue that lie about your heritage?

10: The Addams Family
You're hopelessly, perfectly, endlessly in love. They say something in another language and you just go gaga. Handcuffs and overly dramatic ballroom dancing might be involved at one point.

That's pretty much it, it's the best romance, everyone else can get out.

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