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For Persona Heroes

The first thing he remembers was falling into a hole in the Deva Yuga. Had his team followed him? But the next thing Naoya new, he found himself landing on top of someone, before rolling off nearby. His gun and sword tumbled after him and he only saved himself from a rough landing by the warm body he landed on top of.

"Ahhh. Sorry."

At least, he hoped it was a human body. And not a dead one.
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[no okay, it's not dead, but it is both completely taken off guard and lying face first on the ground. which means that whatever words the owner of this body is trying to say are muffled against concrete, even as he squirms and tries to push himself upright again]

[this is so not cool]

[and also, there's a giant Shadow blob lumbering towards them from up ahead]

[welcome to Mementos, that's quite an entrance]
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[once freed, the person pillow rolls over onto his side and pops back up onto his feet. he stumbles back, gaze flickering from Naoya, to the shadow, and back]

Who are-- [no, wait, do they have time for this? there's an enemy ahead] -- just stand back! I'll handle it!
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[his gaze flickers back, hand reaching for a dagger at his waist. this guy is armed, but. . .]

Don't try to fight an enemy you know nothing about. Now--

[it's a shame he can't ambush the approaching Shadow since it's already spotted them, but. well. he can leap froward, weapon at the ready, and bring his knife down to cut through the black blob. it stumbles back, wiggles, and then dissolves, revealing the forms of two Shadows before them]
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[the masked cosplayer lifts a hand to his temple as he lets out a tch of annoyance. how many times did he have to tell this guy to stand back? but. . .]

[it'd be two against one otherwise, so Joker really could use the helping hand]

Only if you promise me you won't die. [please don't die, not on his watch] Stay on your toes, and let's go.


[and with that, the mask vanishes, and blue fire begins to dance around the mysterious cosplayer's form. it formulates into a semi-transparent bird behind him; a bird that casts Garula on the nearest Naga just as it's about to leap forward in a strike]

[that bird is most definitely a Persona]
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[what the]
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[that!! is a Persona!! since when were there other Persona users wandering around Mementos? Joker opens his mouth to say something, but. . . in the end, he thinks better of it. there is a time and a place after all]

[instead, he tosses a sassy remark in Naoya's direction. the grin he wears only seems to make it sharper]

So you aren't useless. Not bad-- not bad at all.

[waves a gloved hand at Naoya, before he turns his attention back on the Naga he's fighting. the Shadow has already climbed back to its. . . ah, "feet," and is lunging at Joker with its spear extended. he ducks to the side, dagger flashing, and lashes out with the weapon to bury the blade into the naga's tail]
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[what the balls is happening here]
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[OKAY. a) how did this guy manage to turn a Shadow into a Persona too? and. . . b)]

Did you just call time out in the middle of a fight?!

[pay attention, Joker, you still have your knife in a Naga's tail. the Shadow hisses and attempts to yank its tail away, although doing so leaves a nice-sized gash in its scales. it lifts its spear up high, electricity cackling on the tip, before it sends the lightning dropping right down on Joker's head]

[fortunately, he manages to backflip out of the way before it hits, though not without a frustrated tch]
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[holds ups are totally not the same thing as a time out. either way the bullets do the job, and the Naga hisses in pain as a few strike true before it whirls around to face Naoya, spear sparking with electricity again]

[Joker takes the opening]


[Jatayu makes a second appearance with a second Garula, and the green wind envelops the Shadow. it lets out a rather piercing cry as the attack hits, and its form dissolves into a cloud of black smoke. whew.]
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[thanks for the clapping? he'd take a bow, but he's too busy giving Naoya a look now. it's filled with suspicion]

. . . Mementos. The Shibuya Underground, as seen in the Metaverse. [an honest answer, sort of] Don't tell me you can use a Persona and you don't know what that is.
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[a Persona user. . . who doesn't know about the Metaverse? did he just awaken to his power or something?]

[tilts his head sideways to give Naoya a look through the corners of his eyes]

What's with that look? Weren't expecting a sudden vacation to Shibuya?

[which is, honestly, a little weirder than the fact that this dude has no clue what the Metaverse is. if he didn't expect to be in Tokyo at all, then??? why is he here??]
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[. . . he knows about the Collective Unconsciousness, but not the Metaverse. huh. there's a pause, and Joker folds his arms over his chest, like he's debating something. how much information does he want to drop on a total stranger?]

[he shakes his head]

The Metaverse is the Collective Unconscious. A world created by human cognition. That's what you see around you.

[tilts his head to the side, a brief, jerky movement to indicate their surroundings]

I don't know how you got here, or where the rest of your team is, but I can give you that much information at least.